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Jungle Tour - Madidi National Park, a paradise known for its extraordinary flora and fauna diversity.


08:30 - Check in at the office for tea or coffee. Afterwards, lockers will be given to store backpacks that will not be taken on the trip and to store the documents and valuables in the office safe. After they hand out all the equipment, the company manager will introduce the guides and cooks that will accompany the tour.

09:15 - Departure from Rurrenabaque Port and travel for 2 hours on the Beni River until arriving at the control point of the National Park and Natural Integrated Management Area Madidi. After getting the tickets, the trip continues for 1 hour on the Tuichi River. During the tour, you can appreciate the majestic mountains of the Bala, birds like the heron and the kingfisher.

13:00 - LUNCH

14:30 - Departure from the camp site, you will sail on the Tuichi River for about 45 minutes, to reach the paradise Mirador. In this place, you can observe the nests of the beautiful blue beard macaws, military parrots and tarechi parrots among other varieties of parrots. You will also be able to take a photograph of a large portion of mountains and rivers that belonging to the Madidi National park. After having enjoyed the sunset and the arrival of the different birds returning to their nests, you will return to the camp to have dinner.

18:00 - DINNER

19:30 - After dinner, a ceremony is held for Pachamama (mother earth) as a symbol of protection and luck during the trip. Also, the ceremony is used to remember the cultural heritage of the indigenous peoples of the Bolivian Amazon. (All guides are native to the area). Possibly you can do a night walk on one of the paths to observe the nocturnal animals of the Amazon jungle.



09:00 - Start the hike along one of the trails to explore the different species of flora and fauna. During the walk, the guide will explain about toxic plants, endemic plants, medicinal plants, edible fruits of the forest, among other outstanding plants. Guide will also explain about the amazing and varied fauna of the Amazon jungle. The guide will explain about the traditional medicinal plants of the area and all their uses. If you are lucky, during the walk you will see monkeys, snakes, toucans and a variety of insects. After completing the tour of the circuit, return to the camp.

13:00 - LUNCH

13:30 - Break

15:30 - Elaboration of crafts with seeds and local palms. During the activity the guide will explain how to handle these seeds.

18:00 - DINNER

20:00 - Night walk on one of the paths to observe the nocturnal animals of the Amazon jungle. After this, after you will take a canoe trip to observe the eyes of animals and insects that are at the edge of the stream.


6:00 AM - See the sunrise while you listen to the songs of the birds.


8:00 - Start the hike along the second path to continue exploring the different species of flora and fauna. After that, return to the camp to rest for a while.

11:00 - Return to the camp

13:30 - LUNCH

14:30 - Pick up and clean the camp to return to Rurrenabaque.

15:30 - Return to Rurrenabaque

17:30 - Arrival at the port of Rurrenabaque. And return to the office to return the travel equipment and collect the luggage.

Tour Includes:

  • Accommodation at Tree House Ecolodge and/or camping (necessary camping equipment such as sleeping bag, mat and mosquito net)

  • A native guide with all the necessary certificates

  • Meals during the tour (vegetarian option available)

  • Mineral water

  • Chlorine tablets for water purification

  • Boat transportation

Tour Does NOT Include:

  • Entrance fee to the Pampas Reserve (150 Bs. or $us.22)


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