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Uyuni Salar

Day 1

Today we will have an unforgettable trip through 4600 sq. miles of fantastic salt landscapes. Prepare your cameras! The dazzling white cloak that is Uyuni's Salt Flats looks like a huge glacier.

In winter (dry season from May to October), when the surface is harder, geometrical-like figures shaped from salt particles clustered in polygons show up. In summer (watery season from November to February) the salty desert becomes a giant mirror that melts with the America's purest sky.

First we will visit the Trains Cemetery, then we will enter Salt Flats through Colchani, where we can shop handcrafts made out of salt, beyond that; the salt hills. Once in the white desert's vast surface, we will visit the hotel made out of salt, the waterholes, and we will bear to the middle point to visit Incahuasi Island, of volcanic rocks and giant cactuses and a summit that, when scalated, becomes and extraordinary lookout for the salt white plain.

After the visit to the island, we will have lunch and star heading down towards the lodge where we will spend the first night.

Day 2

Toward the South there are the lagoons known as “Cañapa”, “Hedionda”, “Chiarkota”, “Honda” and “Ramadita” where the huge amount of the three existing species of flamingos, will allow us to watch them and picture them at our own will. Other birds like seagulls, and Andean geese frolic with the flamingos in these lagoons flanked by eternal snows volcanoes, which on descending display a green skirt made out of wild straw, yareta, thola to end up in the ocher colors that the wind had been drawing through ages, or those rare colors coming from borax and sulfur from these odd lagoons.

On the evening, we will continue our trip going through Siloli’s Desert where we will observe the interesting rocky formation known as Stone Tree. After that we will arrive to Red Lagoon, located at the “Eduardo Abaroa” Andean Wildlife National Park; where we will spend our second night.


At dawn we will leave searching for the well-known Morning Sun Geysers, we will arrive there before the first sunbeams. This will be our highest point in our trip, almost 16400 ft. above sea level. The cold is intense. We can cross through the shores of noisy fumaroles and wells where the earth seems to boil in reddish, greyish and scarlet muds. The Chalviri Desert and Salt Flat, is another scenery of great landscape value where the white from the snow, the ocher from the desert, the blue from the water and the gray from the borax combine. In one of its corners we will be able to take a bath in the Polques Hot Springs and enjoy a luscious breakfast.

As we move away; another extension will open in front of us: the Ladies of the Desert Valley, a wind’s masterpiece and the Andean peaks with their perfect details in shapes and colors that had resisted wind. And almost as an excess, as we leave this desertic valley, we will taste Green Lagoon, at the feet of Licancabur Volcano.

In the distance we can admire the Stone City, located in the Soniquera region, with its capricious shapes and many times artistic, its gigantic stones that resisted the wind allowing it to work as a millennial sculptor. Afterwards we will start our trip back to Uyuni.


Bear in mind that due to weather and road conditions (especially in rainy seasons: from December to April), this itinerary could change without notice. That is why the detailed program aforementioned must be used as a reference only.

Tour Includes:

  • Spanish-speaking driver

  • Transportation (4x4) for 6 passengers, driver and cook. Total 8 people.

  • All meals

  • All activities detailed in program

  • Shared accommodation

Tour Does NOT Include:

  • Tickets for the Wildlife Park and Cactus Island (About $US. 26 or Bs.180)

  • Snacks

  • Beverages

  • Tips


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